Just like in any family, each person has their role to play. We have farmers who are passionate about their animals, raising cows and goats in line with demanding quality guidelines that respect the animals’ well-being. We have workers who go out on daily collections, covering a 50-kilometre radius, for our milks which have come with a GMO-free guarantee since 1997. Those who are passionate about developing our products, and who do this work in respect of the traditions passed down to us by our ancestors. Of course, there are those who take care of the sale and delivery of our milks, cheeses, butters, creams… All under optimal conditions.

Farm activities dedicated to raising a herd, whether it’s of goats or cows, central to a system aiming to produce milk in line with the seasons and the specificities of our region. Managing farms is complex, and there are no fixed working hours: Taking care of the animals, practising agricultural techniques, doing the accounts and overseeing the administrative management, interacting with suppliers, vets and collectors, etc. Beyond their role of a business leader, the farmer is, above all, a lover of nature who works with living creatures.

In direct contact with member producers to ensure personalised support. Milk quality monitoring, feed sampling, good practices, technical-economic assessments, project monitoring (growth, installation), technical support… We offer all of these services. Scaled and structured to allow for quick intervention on the farms for various issues, Milk Supply maintains interactive relations between each producer and the cooperative.

The first link in the all-important production chain, responsible for receiving the raw material at the dairy. Unloading milk lorries, filling production tanks, piloting milk pasteurisers and creamers are just some of the operations which influence the quality of our products. Strict hygiene and food safety rules, along with the applicable agricultural standards (protected designation of origin [PDO], product traceability, etc.) are rigorously applied. Samples are taken, inspected (acidity, cryoscopy, GM levels, etc.), referenced and provided to the lab with optimal traceability.

Here is where the milk is transformed into cheese, through the various steps of renneting, moulding, turning, salting, affinage and packaging. Strict hygiene and food safety rules, along with the applicable agricultural standards (protected designation of origin [PDO], product traceability, etc.) are rigorously applied. Backed by specific expertise, the cheesemaker works the milk and the production parameters, and also supervises the good practices. Cheese is a living product which requires particular care, for which the cheesemaker is the guarantor on a daily basis.

Some fondly remember the cream on top of milk chocolate from their childhood. This is the cream that we use to make butter. It’s pasteurised by the cream preparer upon receipt. After being sent to slowly mature over 16 hours, it’s transformed into butter grains in old-style barrel churns before being slowly kneaded. The master butter-maker supervises each and every step of the production process, until it achieves the aromas typical of our region and an incomparable texture.

From the farm to the stores, the quality is guaranteed. Throughout the production chain, there are good practices, inspections and a thorough traceability system. The wide range of fundamental tasks overseen by the Quality department, through strict regulations include guaranteeing the sanitary and hygienic quality of the milk and dairy products, the health and well-being of the herd, the safety all involved, and environmental protection.

It’s important to us that we keep close ties with our clients, both in France and internationally. The marketing team therefore pays close attention to market requirements so that we can develop products that respond to these needs. It also develops the communication plan for promoting the Coopérative and its exceptional products.

To guarantee that our clients enjoy good access to our products, marketing is rigorously organised. First of all, potential points of sale are identified and a meeting schedule is drawn up. The sales rep goes to meet clients and presents them with the results of our traditional savoir-faire. They track deliveries, sales, and stocks, and also monitor guarantees and after-sale support. Working closely with Marketing, sales reps’ focus is entirely on their clients.

Good administrative and financial management is essential to the development and longevity of the company. This is ensured in compliance with regulations and with the strategic choices made by Executive Management, with which it works closely. A guarantor of balanced accounts, the financier monitors the profitability and solvency of the company.

Humans are the driving force behind our cooperative. On top of managing payroll, recruiting and training, overseeing labour relations with all roles within the company is a determining role undertaken by HR. The HR team means that the organisation can obtain the skills and talents needed to maintain the level of excellence displayed by our employees.

Now integral to the company’s processes, IT feeds a constant flow of complex information to all roles within the cooperative. Behind the scenes, the IT technicians develop the network which stores and secures our data and ensure its maintenance. With training sessions, they help employees to use software and databases. In a data-driven era, the IT technician is key to the smooth running of the company.

This business line focuses on two key factors: Supply and purchasing. A complementary duo (supplier evaluation, handling disputes, logistics network selection, etc.), yet their respective roles remain distinct. On the one hand, in line with internal needs, we consult and select the suppliers before negotiating the best commercial conditions possible. On the other hand, we plan and initiate restock orders. Attentive to sources and recyclability, our purchasing department focuses on its key mission: Buying better.

Developing action plans in collaboration with the technical departments, prioritising actions based on KPIs, supporting teams with the implementation of the action plans… In short, this team steers continuous improvement. In addition, we manage Industrial Performance and bring the Industrial and Commercial Plan to life by ensuring the smooth deployment of the forecasting/planning process. Lastly, we monitor both the formalisation and the development of industrial projects, as well as the profitability of projects. The mission summed up: Controlling our industrialisation processes from A to Z.

Ensuring the operational maintenance of our production system by carrying out maintenance, modifications and improvements for facilities. Managing all works on our infrastructure and coordinating any outsourced work. Maintenance is in permanent contact with internal departments and external partners, working to keep our productivity high and to guarantee the safety of our staff.