by Sèvre & Belle

Atelier de la Sèvre is a brand exclusively available to French creameries. Boasting rich savoir-faire cultivated over more than a century, its cheeses are created and packaged using traditional techniques. The brand offers prestigious products that have been carefully affined by our master cheesemakers.

The creation process for Atelier de la Sèvre products:

The milk is slowly matured over 5 to 7 hours, releasing the natural aromas of the raw material.

Ancestral techniques are used for the renneting, which is done in traditional basins, with natural enzymes that allow the milk to coagulate. The curdling step takes between 12 and 18 hours, before moving onto the moulding step.

The cheese is moulded manually, allowing us to ensure exceptional quality.

Atelier de la Sèvre cheeses are stored in affinage cellars for at least 8 days. There, they’re manually affined (salting, rubbing, washing, turning, etc.) by our master cheesemakers, requiring a lot of care and attention, in turn enabling the aromas of the raw milk to fully develop.

The final step sees the cheeses traditionally packaged in wooden cases.

The creation process for Atelier de la Sèvre cheeses respects centuries-old techniques, fundamental to obtaining finished products of unrivalled quality. Our exceptional traditional products are created to meet the requirements of the finest restaurants, delicatessens, dairy distributors and cheesemongers in France.

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