An independent cooperative on a human scale

The Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre is part of a network comprising more than 50 local cow’s milk producers and over 50 local goat’s milk producers. There farms are located close to our two dairies: Echiré, in the village of the same name, and Sèvre & Belle, which is found in Celles-sur-Belle. Our two production sites are located at the heart of the Deux-Sèvres, on the outskirts of the Marais Poitevin.

Our cooperative has retained its independent status ever since its creation. Operating on a human scale, our company has 160 employees who work for the cooperative producers. The goal of our daily work is to optimally showcase the milk produced on our livestock farms.

What is a cooperative?

Our cooperative is based on a group of producers who share the same principles and objectives. They are owners, members and decision-makers on all changes and developments within the cooperative.

Resources are pooled for collective development and to better showcase the milk produced on the farms.
Our cooperative creates a link between farmers and consumers. It plays a major role by responding to various social expectations and requirements: Healthy feed for animals, local origin of raw materials, reduced transport, showcasing local producers, protecting biodiversity, upholding savoir-faire that has been developed over centuries…/span>

How does it work?

Each producer takes part in developing the key guidelines through a democratic principle, on the basis of 1 member = 1 vote. Members elect a Board of Directors which validates the strategic decisions to protect the interests of the producers. Within the cooperative, an entire time of employees work on strategic approaches, led by the Managing Director and the Executive Committee, who are the key points of contact for the Board of Directors. Choices are validated once a month during a Board of Directors meeting.

Governance is the first pillar of the CSR which gives structure to the approach, incorporating corporate responsibility into the company and its global strategy. In this sense, the cooperative’s democratic governance is an appropriate model, particularly in terms of accountability and transparency in decision-making processes.