CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

An engaged cooperative for a sustainable development

Our cooperative’s mission is to showcase the cow’s and goat’s milk of our producers. We achieve this through the preservation of  traditional know-how , expertise which is passed on from generation to generation, enabling our artisans to create high-quality and prestigious products,  contributing to also put our region and its assets on the map.

Our aim is to maintain our status of independent cooperative and to ensure that local producers and employees are paid in line with the excellent quality of our products.

With this aim in mind, since 2019, our cooperative has been committed to a CSR policy which now provides the key structure for our developments. Our approach is based on the aim of continuous improvement, listening to feedback and input from our stakeholders. After a self-diagnosis process, we established a progress action plan based on the seven core subjects of ISO 26000, the reference standard in relation to CSR, in order to ensure that our actions align with our stakeholders’ expectations and requirements. Governance, the environment, local development, respect of human rights, working conditions and relations, client relations, and loyalty are all central factors that we value in our considerations and processes.

We want to assert our drive to move towards a sustainable future which respects our history and the various stakeholders associated with our business. It is extremely important to us that this CSR approach also preserves our quality commitments and our company motto, ” the tradition of excellence since 1893 “.

A sustainable and structuring approach in our cooperative’s livestock farms

Our approach is structured around quality guidelines which we, along with our producers, have been committed to since 1997. Reducing the carbon-footprint of our livestock farms, animal well-being, our producers’ quality of life, and biodiversity are all at the heart of our work.


Ensuring client satisfaction through the continuous improvement of our product quality. Progressively switching to eco-responsible packaging in order to minimise environmental impacts and to respond to consumer expectations.

Developing and presenting the eco-social-responsible practices of our cooperative and our brands to clients and consumers.

Optimally showcasing our goat’s and cow’s milks, getting all our employees involved.

Ensuring that unused materials are reused and avoiding wastage through marketing via new, alternative circuits.

Ensuring enhance structuring for recruitment in order to identify and secure various talents who share our cooperative’s values.
Supporting continuous training for our employees to stimulate and perpetuate the development of various elements of our savoir-faire, and to ensure that they thrive in their career within our company.
Training and informing our employees on the topic of the risks and safety issues within our cooperative, in the aim of preventing and minimising workplace accidents.

Ensuring the physical comfort of our employees at their work stations.

Showcasing national figures by opting for French, if not local, suppliers and generating loyalty amongst them by maintaining fair and equitable positions.
Ensuring the integrity, safety and quality of our products by renewing the IFS certifications for our production procedures.
Working to continuously improve the quality of the milk delivered by our member producers.
Developing our milk production quality guidelines in order to maintain our leading-edge positioning for good practices in the field.
Raising producer awareness around various environmental issues, encouraging them to take such issues into consideration on their livestock farms.
Raising awareness amongst our cooperative’s employees regarding various environmental issues and minimising these environmental impacts in their daily work.